Andreas Witt


Andreas Witt, with a strong background in Digital Humanities and Computational Linguistics, will contribute to the implementation of CLARIN's strategic action lines, more specifically to the sustainability agenda and the collaboration between the various bodies that are responsible for the governance of the CLARIN .

Andreas Witt is Professor of Computational Humanities and Text Technologies at the University of Mannheim and heads the department of Digital Linguistics at the Leibniz Institute for the German Language in Mannheim. He studied Linguistics, Psychology and Computer Science at Bielefeld University (M.A. 1996). From 1996 to 2006 he served as an assistant lecturer in the Text Technology group at Bielefeld University, and in 2002 completed his PhD in computational linguistics and text technology at Bielefeld University.

Witt is Honorary Professor of Digital Humanities at the Institute for Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University and – by co-optation – Professor at the Institute for Digital Humanities at the University of Cologne. He is a member of the scientific advisory boards of the Meertens Instituut in Amsterdam and the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities in Vienna, and active in many national and international research organizations, review panels and expert groups.

Witt's research is situated in the field of annotation science, he is Chair of the ISO working group on linguistic annotation, and Co-Chair of the Special Interest Group: TEI for Linguists. Witt also publishes on legal and ethical issues that are pertaining to research. 

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