Tour de CLARIN

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Beate Eder-Jordan

5 March 2020

Dr Beate Eder Jordan is a literary scholar focusing on minority and Roma literature at the University of Innsbruck in Austria. She has succesfully collaborated with the Phonogrammarchiv Knowledge Centre in the RomArchive (2015–2019) project.

Tour de CLARIN: The Nordic Dialect Corpus

24 January 2020

The Nordic Dialect Corpus (NDC) is a speech corpus available at the CLARINO Text Laboratory Centre. It consists of spontaneous speech data from dialects of the North Germanic languages across all Nordic countries.

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Dominika Hadro

22 January 2020

Dominika Hadro is Assistant Professor at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. She has succesfully collaborated with the PolLinguaTec CLARIN Knowledge Centre in her recent research on corporate finance and accounting.

Tour de CLARIN: Norway

23 December 2019

CLARINO is the common infrastructure for language databases in Norway, having an impact primarily on the Language Sciences, but also enabling substantial research potential in other SSH disciplines, as well as in industrial research and development, for instance through multilingual technologies.

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Aneta Nedyalkova

29 November 2019

In this Tour de CLARIN blog post, we present an in-depth interview with Aneta Nedyalkova, who is an MA student of Bulgarian philology. Under the auspices of CLaDA-BG, she is working on an associative dictionary of verbal expressions.