Tour de CLARIN

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Jack Rueter

18 June 2021

This interview is with Jack Rueter, who is involved with the SAFMORIL Knowledge Centre. He is a computational linguist whose work primarily focuses on finite-state descriptions of highly endangered languages with complex morphological systems.

Tour de CLARIN: CoLaJE Corpus

1 March 2021

One of the most prominent CLARIN-FR resources is the CoLaJE corpus, which pieces together the emergence and development of communication and language in young children, using an interdisciplinary and multimodal approach.

Tour de CLARIN: The COCOON Factory

3 February 2021

The COCOON platform of CLARIN-FR is aimed at individual researchers and research teams in the humanities and social sciences for the management of their digital oral resources. It combines the functionalities of a data repository, archive and discovery portal.聽