Tour de CLARIN: Slovenia

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Kaja Dobrovoljc

15 August 2019

In this Tour de CLARIN blog post, we present an in-depth interview with Kaja Dobrovoljc, a Slovenian corpus linguist who works at the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies and regularly collaborates with CLARIN.SI and uses its infrastructure.

CLARIN.SI presents CSMTiser

17 July 2019

Read about the CSMTiser, a supervised machine learning tool that performs word normalization by using Character-level Statistical Machine Translation.

CLARIN.SI presents Emoji Sentiment Ranking 1.0

4 July 2019

In 2015, researchers from the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia released the first emoji sentiment lexicon, called Emoji Sentiment Ranking 1.0, and published it as a resource in the public language resource repository CLARIN.SI. With 78,500 downloads to date, the lexicon is the most downloaded resource in the CLARIN.SI repository.