Tour de CLARIN: K-Centres

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Jack Rueter

18 June 2021

This interview is with Jack Rueter, who is involved with the SAFMORIL Knowledge Centre. He is a computational linguist whose work primarily focuses on finite-state descriptions of highly endangered languages with complex morphological systems.

The Spanish CLARIN Knowledge Centre

28 October 2020

The Spanish CLARIN K-Centre was the first CLARIN Knowledge Centre to be established.  Initially the Spanish K-Centre covered Spanish, Basque and Catalan, but soon after a Galician specialist research group joined the centre.

Tour de CLARIN: Interview with Gerd Carling

21 October 2020

Gerd Carling is Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics at Lund University who specializes in linguistic phylogenetics. She is the main editor of the Diachronic Atlas of Comparative Linguistics, which is hosted by the LUND CLARIN Knowledge Centre.