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Xenophobia on Greek Twitter during and after the Financial Crisis

The Project, The project presents a replication of a data-driven and linguistically inspired verbal aggression analysis framework that was designed to examine verb
‘This study is an example of how a language technology-based method can be used as a complementary research instrument in order to address broader soc, btn-arrow-circle, image-right
Methodology, The methodology that was initially designed and applied to 2013-2016 Twitter data as part of the XENO@GR project was reapplied to 2019 Twitter data in
‘This information is useful for researchers, such as political and social scientists, journalists, and, given the high correlation between physical an, btn-arrow-circle, image-right
Outcome, During the first study (2013-2016), the most discussed groups in the Twitter collections were refugees and Germans, reflecting the ongoing refugee cri
Publications and Future Plans, The project team is currently working on the extension of the framework to other targets and domains through two case studies in the context of the SS
Views on CLARIN, ‘The natural language processing tools and workflows that you can build are extremely useful for several semantic annotation analysis tasks. And in ge
Maria Pontiki, PhD, Scientific Associate at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athena Research Center, Athens, Greece Maria Gavriili
Access the ILSP suite of NLP tools for Greek via CLARIN:EL:, btn-arrow-circle