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oral history

Uncovering Hidden Voices: Oral History as Sustainable and Reusable Data

The Project, Oral history, often used by communities whose historical experiences have left few textual or material traces, plays a crucial role in uncovering hidd
‘If a colleague of mine wants to teach about women’s history, and wants their students to access oral histories, they can work in the Media Suite. Thi, btn-arrow-circle, Gerse.jpg, image-left
Working with several partners – grassroots organisation Dona Daria and cultural foundation DIG IT UP, as well as GeschiedenisLab, Stadsarchief Rotterd
Goals and Processes, The project’s aim is to design a ‘story cycle model’, a workflow template that can be reused by heritage associations for future projects. Based on a
DonaDaria.jpg, ‘We discuss, what does it mean to create oral history? How can I make sure that what I have created can be seen as data, can be found as data, and reu
Building on Karrouche’s experience with the digitisation of a previous oral history project, entitled ‘Ziel van de Wederopbouw’, which is already part
‘It is important to work with these types of smaller collections on subjects that are burning topics in society, but are not easily identified in a la, btn-arrow-circle, RtSA.jpg, image-left
One of the most important things, it emerged, is making informed consent forms part of the process, which was not routinely done in the past. Herit
Discover the CLARIAH Mediasuite:, CLARIAH Mediasuite, btn-arrow-circle, Clariah_logo.jpg, image-left
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Output and Results, The project, which began this year, will continue until the summer of 2022, with a symposium and a ‘live magazine’ to showcase the story cycle model a
Role of CLARIN, ‘For CLARIAH, it’s such a practical, concrete way to be relevant in society. You are making a small difference, ensuring that as a large digital infra
Norah Karrouche, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Senior researcher, Erasmus School of History, Culture an
DIG IT UP:, btn-arrow-circle