guest blog post

Workshop: CLARIN@universities

19 November 2019

The Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure Committee of CLARIN organized a workshop on the experience of representatives from national consortia with the integration of CLARIN content into university programs. 

CLARIN seminars on legal issues in Pisa

19 November 2019

Blog post about the CLARIN seminars on legal issues that were organised to enhance competencies relating to legal aspects of language research and strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation within CLARIN.

CLARIN ParlaFormat workshop

29 May 2019

On 23 and 24 May the CLARIN ParlaFormat workshop was held in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. This workshop was organized by the CLARIN Interoperability Committee.

Encoding parliamentary data in TEI

13 May 2019

Blog post by Tanja Wissik who used a CLARIN Mobility Grant to visit the Jožef Stefan Institute and learn more about encoding parliamentary data in .