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Donate Speech: Digital Speech Database to Boost Research and Innovation

The Project, Donate Speech is an ambitious collection of digital speech data intended for both academic and commercial use. Underpinned by an award-winning media c
Methodology, Donate Speech set out to collect everyday, spontaneous speech from as many different groups of Finnish speakers and as many individuals as possible, i
‘The software platform has been published as open source, allowing other organisations to build their own systems for collecting similar speech materi, btn-arrow-circle, Donate Speech logo.png, image-right
A key aspect of the Donate Speech project were the legal requirements surrounding the protection of personal data under European and national data pro
Outcome, In total, more than 25 000 citizens in Finland donated more than 220 000 speech samples comprising roughly 4000 hours of colloquial speech to be used
‘The datasets need to be openly available but in a controlled way, and in a way that still fits within the FAIR principles. This nuanced way of distri
Publications and Future Plans, Donate Speech has already extended the project to include Finnish-Swedish or the Swedish spoken in Finland (Donera Prat), and is thinking of including
Views on CLARIN, ‘Donate Speech deposited the material with CLARIN for several reason. First, its licensing policies: CLARIN has readily available licensing and rights
The Language Bank of Finland – Kielipankki/FIN-CLARIN: Krister Lindén, University of Helsinki; Mietta Lennes, University of Helsinki; Tommi Jauhiainen
Donate Speech campaign, btn-arrow-circle