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Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash March 2022


The call for nominations for the Steven Krauwer Awards 2022 is now open. The awards, named in honour of the first executive director of CLARIN, Steven Krauwer, are given in recognition of outstanding contributions towards CLARIN goals in the areas of language resource building, tool or service


Read the new impact story about Xenophobia on Greek Twitter.


At the end of February 2022, CLARIN celebrates its ten-year anniversary as an independent organisation and research infrastructure.


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash February 2022.


Prof Antal van den Bosch will join the CLARIN Board of Directors ( ) from 1 March 2022.


In this new open-access publication , Tomaž Erjavec and colleagues present the ParlaMint corpora, which include the transcriptions of sessions of seventeen European national parliaments. The content of parliamentary debates has become increasingly important for research in the social sciences and


Read about the CLARIN Ambassadors for the period 2021-2023.


The IceTaboo database is a novel resource for processing offensive words in Icelandic. Designed in close collaboration with an industry partner in commercial software development, the database is intended to be used as part of an automatic proofreading tool. IceTaboo can be used to flag contextually


Register to the industry outreach online event jointly organised by CLARIN, DARIAH in collaboration with the ENRIITC project.


Read all about the CLARIN Café on Text + : A New Research Data Initiative in Germany.


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash: January 2022.


Read about the ‘Voices from Ravensbrück’ project which aims to give voice to women survivors from Ravensbrück concentration camp and to make the data openly accessible to researchers, schools and communities.


Read all about the new Impact Story on 'Using a Monitor Newspaper Corpus to Trace Changing Language as a Result of COVID-19'.


Read all about the CLARIN Café: Towards Guidelines for Integrating CLARIN into Teaching - Lessons learnt from UPSKILLS.


Read about the involvement of CLARIN in data citation practices in the SSH ecosystem.


Interview conducted by Jakob Lenardič Olga Czeranowska is a sociologist working in the field of migrant studies. She and her team have performed sentiment analysis of Polish Twitter posts with the cooperation of CLARIN-PL. Please introduce yourself – your academic background and current position. I


Written by Krzysztof Hwaszcz and Jan Wieczorek The Polish consortium CLARIN-PL, which is a founding member of CLARIN , operating since 2012, was already presented in Tour de CLARIN in 2018 ( Volume 1). Not much has changed since then in terms of organisation and scope: the centre is based at the

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