On April 24, 2013 I attended the workshop on Federated Content Search (FCS) at CST, Copenhagen.


Asking researchers with fascinating data for options to reuse their data often results in a Contact-me-if-you-are-interested-in-my-data reply.

On February 29, the CLARIN ERIC has been officially established. Details are available in the press release of the European Commission and the official journal of the EU.

Sign language research is a small branch of linguistics. Wouldn't it therefore be extra easy for people to share and exchange resources? That was the thought that drove a recent workshop on sign language lexicons.


On Monday September 3, Steven Krauwer received a plaquette for CLARIN ERIC. The plaquette confirms the EU status of the research infrastructure CLARIN.


Since the beginning of this academic year the CLARIN ERIC is officially established. The Board of Directors (BoD) already had some real and virtual meetings, but no general meeting was hold so far.