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Every month, CLARIN publishes a newsflash with an overview of what has been happening at CLARIN ERIC, the national consortia, etc. Subscribing to it is the ideal way of staying informed.


Blogpost written by Francesca Frontini about the CAHIER annual workshop, that was dedicated to the retro-digitisation of historical documents.


Watch the videos from the DH Course Registry Metadatathon, a joint effort of DARIAH-EU and CLARIN ERIC, that was a part of the DARIAH Annual Event 2018 held in Paris, France on 24 May 2018.


Find out more about the Greek network clarin:el that has been a member of CLARIN ERIC since February 2015.


Read about the masterclass that contributed to both CLARIN's and DARIAH’s strategic commitment to training and education as an essential component of infrastructure building.


Read the full report and watch the videos of the CLARIN DELAD workshop.


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash: June 2018 here


A guest blog post written by Alexander König (Eurac Research, Bolzano) about the recently joined CLARIN Centre: Eurac Research CLARIN Centre (ERCC).