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Image: Sweden flag and Lithuanian CLARIN consortium

Great news – within just a couple of weeks, two countries joined CLARIN ERIC!


It is of paramount importance for Lithuania to join CLARIN for a number of reasons common to most member states. i.e.


We are happy to announce that Sweden has now joined CLARIN ERIC.


CLARIN welcomes 2 new members!


Many researchers in the digital humanities will have heard of CLARIN, and the efforts to build a persistent, reliable and sustainable infrastructure for language resources and tools.


CLARIAH, a Dutch consortium of H

The Institute for Dutch Lexicology, the CLARIN Centre Vienna and the Meertens Institute have now received the official CLARIN B centre certificate.
Seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Source: Wikipedia


'VLO 3.0' has now reached the beta stage and now is publicly available

CLARIN ERIC is happy to announ