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Every month, CLARIN publishes a newsflash with an overview of what has been happening at CLARIN ERIC, the national consortia, etc. Subscribing to it is the ideal way of staying informed.


LREC2018 opens with the following oral and poster presentations by CLARIN consortium members in the main program.


The ILC4CLARIN Centre at the Institute for Computational Linguistics has been awarded the B-centre status. Congratulations!

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In this issue: Centre meeting 2018, VLO 4.4.0 beta, CMDI Best practices, Certificate issue


Find out more about the Czech consortium LINDAT, a founding member of CLARIN ERIC and the next country in the Tour the CLARIN's itinerary.


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Blog post on the CLARIN sysops team visiting the Eurac Research centre to exchange knowledge on GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Docker best practices and Docker build and deploy workflows.


Tour de CLARIN highlights prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. This time the focus is on the DLU and Cora Pots, a PhD student in the Quantity and quality in linguistics project at the University of Leuven. The following interview took place via Skype and was conducted and transcribed by Jakob Lenardič.


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Blog post written by Vesna Lušicky (Centre for Translation studies, Universität Wien) and Tanja Wissik (ACDH - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities).


We are happy to announce that the CLARIN Knowledge Centre for linguistic diversity and language documentation (CKLD) has been officially recognized as a CLARIN K-Centre.