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We are pleased to announce that CLARIN:EL, the National Infrastructure for Language Resources & Technologies in Greece, has been successfully assessed as a CLARIN B-centre and has received a

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In this issue: Upcoming assessment deadline, New B-centre, New CoreTrustSeal requirements as of 2023, Centre Meeting 2022 presentations

CLARIN and Libraries

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As part of the EOSC Future project to which CLARIN participates, the Research Data Alliance (RDA) is launching a series of calls for proposals to improve the technical data frameworks for the European Open Science Clou


You can now join the SSH Open Marketplace Editorial Board


Linguist Kaja Dobrovoljc highlights CLARIN’s important contribution to the development of everyday applications such as search engines and voice assistants.


Today's CLARIN presence at LREC2022


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 You can see today's CLARIN presence at LREC2022 below. To consult the full schedule of CLARIN's presence at LREC2022 click here.


Today's CLARIN presence at LREC2022


This project is an engaging response to the challenges faced by researchers working with sensitive data.


The automatic translator for Czech and Ukrainian, recently developed at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL) of Charles University, is now also available as a mobile application for Android.


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