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Submitted by Christine Dijkstra on

We are pleased to announce that two B-centres have been successfully re-certified: PORTULAN CLARIN and LINDAT-CLARIAH/CZ. Congratulations to our colleagues in Portugal and Czechia!

PORTULAN CLARIN is a research infrastructure for the science and technology of Language, belonging to the Portuguese National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance. PORTULAN CLARIN has been a B-centre since 2018 and was successfully re-certified in March 2024. The mission of PORTULAN CLARIN is to support researchers, innovators, citizen scientists, students, language professionals and users in general whose activities rely on research results from the science and technology of language by means of the distribution of scientific resources, the supplying of technological support, the provision of consultancy, and the fostering of scientific dissemination. Read more about PORTULAN CLARIN.

The LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ Centre for Language Research Infrastructure in Czech has been a B-centre since 2014, and was successfully re-certified in March 2024. The centre provides technical background and assistance to institutions or researchers who want to share, create and modernise their tools and data used for research in linguistics and related research fields. The project also provides an open digital repository and archive open to all academics who want their work to be preserved, promoted and made widely available. Read more about LINDAT-CLARIAH/CZ.