Two CLARIN B-Centres Certified: BAS and CLARIN-LV

Submitted by Julia Misersky on 20 February 2023

We are pleased to announce that two B-centres have been successfully assessed and have received a B-centre certificate: the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS) and the CLARIN Centre of Latvian Language Resources and Tools (CLARIN-LV).


Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals

BAS is a public institution hosted by the University of Munich. BAS has been a CLARIN B-centre since 2013 and was re-certified in late 2022. BAS makes speech resources from contemporary spoken German, as well as tools for the processing of digitised speech available to research and speech technology communities. The way in which the speech materials are structured allows flexible and precise access, with rich annotations, metadata and linguistic-phonetic evaluation.

Read more about BAS here.


CLARIN Centre of Latvian language resources and tools

CLARIN-LV recently received its Core Trust Seal certification, a pre-requisite to becoming a CLARIN B-centre. The CLARIN-LV repository was set up in March 2020 and focuses on collecting, documenting, curating and providing easy and sustainable long-term access to digital Latvian language data and tools for a wide group of users: the SSH research community, language technology developers, language teachers and students, and others (e.g. via citizen science). Access to the CLARIN-LV repository and its language resources and tools is open to the academic and research community, industry and also to the public, in accordance with Open Data Principles and FAIR Data Principles.   

Read more about CLARIN-LV here.