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Tour de CLARIN Volume II publication now available!

Submitted by Linda Stokman on

We are very happy to announce that the second volume of the Tour de CLARIN publication is now online, and can be accessed here.

Since 2016, the Tour de CLARIN initiative has been periodically highlighting prominent user involvement activities in the CLARIN network in order to increase the visibility of its members, reveal the richness of the CLARIN landscape, and display the full range of activities that show what CLARIN has to offer to researchers, teachers, students, professionals and the general public interested in using and processing language data in various forms. the initiative was initially conceived as a series of blog posts published on the CLARIN webpage and disseminated through the CLARIN newsflash and social media channels. In 2018, the results of the initiative were published in a printed volume. Gradually, Tour de CLARIN has proven to be one of the flagship user involvement initiatives by CLARIN , is highly valuable for our network and incredibly popular with our readers. that is why the initiative has since been expanded from presentations of the work carried out by national consortia to also feature the work of CLARIN Knowledge Centres, which provide a physical or virtual place where researchers, educators and developers alike can get cross-border access to knowledge and expertise in specific areas. 

This second volume of Tour de CLARIN is organized into two parts. In Part 1, we present the seven CLARIN countries which have been featured since November 2018, when the first volume was published: Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Bulgaria. In Part 2, we present the work of the four Knowledge Centres that have been visited thus far: the Knowledge Centre for treebanking, the Knowledge Centre for the Languages of Sweden, the TalkBank Knowledge Centre, and the Czech Knowledge Centre for Corpus Linguistics.