The TalkBank Project at Carnegie Mellon University established as CLARIN K-Centre

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 21 February 2017

CLARIN is proud to announce that the TalkBank Project at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has been established as a CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Language Learning Analysis (CLARIN-Learn). 

The TalkBank Project seeks to provide resources, methods, and advice to assist researchers interested in using corpora to study various aspects of communication, including language acquisition and learning, and language pathology. Through this process, TalkBank hopes that researchers will create new corpora and new ways of analyzing language.

This CLARIN K-Centre is happy to provide the following services:

Provide advice on the use of the existing data sets in the various component corpora in TalkBank, including CHILDES, CABank, SLABank, SamtaleBank, AphasiaBank, BilingBank, HomeBank, PhonBank, FluencyBank, and others.

  1. Because many of these corpora include transcripts linked to audio or video, provide help on methods for multimedia and gesture analysis.
  2. Provide pointers to relevant corpora outside of TalkBank, particularly including those at other CLARIN centres.
  3. Provide methods for allowing researchers to contribute new data to any of the TalkBank archives.
  4. Provide help in the use of analytic tools with a focus on use of the CLAN, Phon, Praat, ANNIS, and Elan programs. These tools all operate well on data from TalkBank.
  5. Provide some limited help in the use of R and R scripts for corpus analysis.
  6. Provide help regarding details of phonological analysis with PHON and its integration with Praat. in collaboration with Yvan Rose at Memorial University

The TalkBank can provide this help through email or Skype. Questions will be accepted in English, German, Spanish, Hungarian or French, with responses provided in English. TalkBank also maintains Google Groups lists for CHILDES, PhonBank, AphasiaBank, and the CLAN program that can help in the support and learning process.

Visit the TalkBank website

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