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Experts on NLP tools for working with historical documents met in Berlin in September for a CLARIN workshop to exchange ideas, experiences about tools and methods.


The IMPACT Centre of Competence in digitisation, founded in 2012, is a non-profit organisation that aims at making digitisation of historical texts better, faster and cheaper.


The BTB-Pipe language pipeline for Bulgarian has been developed incrementally over the last twenty years, starting with the Bulgarian-German BulTreeBank project for the creation of a Bulgarian treebank. 


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash: October 2019 here

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In this issue: New B-centre checklist, New C centre, Removal of Attribute Authorities, Maintenance announcements


Read a summary of the CLARIN Annual Conference 2019 in Leipzig, Germany!


CLARIN ERIC is proud to announce that the PORTULAN CLARIN K-Centre, the Knowledge Centre for the Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language has been officially recognized as a CLARIN K-Centre. 


Bulgaria has been a founding member of CLARIN ERIC since 2012. In 2014, following the strategic plan of the Bulgarian Government and Ministry of Education and Science, the CLARIN and DARIAH Infrastructures merged into a single infrastructure called CLaDA-BG (CLARIN and DARIAH in Bulgaria) and obtained funding in 2018. 


CLARIN ERIC and Time Machine join forces for a research and innovation partnership promoting the future of European cultural heritage.


HUN-CLARIN devised the concept of a Roadshow series that is based on the idea of proactively (and literally) bringing language technology to where humanities research is actually done, namely, to Hungarian universities.