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CLARIN ERIC has an opening for the part-time position of Director for User Involvement.

The following institutions have been jointly officially recognized as CLARIN K-Centre DANSK - DANish helpdeSK: CST, DNSL, DSN.

During the Launch of the ESFRI Roadmap 2016 that took place on 10 March in Amsterdam, ESFRI Chair John Womersley officially confirmed the ESFRI Landmark status for 29 Research Infrastuctures, among which CLARIN ERIC.


We are pleased to announce that our office has moved to a new location within the Faculty of Humanities of the Utrecht University. Our new address is Drift 10, 3512 BS Utrecht, the Netherlands.

With the recently certified Knowledge Centre on speech data (CLARIN-SPEECH), we now have a total of four K-Centres, all established in 2015, and exemplifying the range of K-Centres that is possible.
Redundant setup for Discovery Service. The CLARIN Discovery Service is now running on two independent servers, with a failover setup. In practice this means that maintenance (restarting the server, updates, etc.) can be done while the service in question remains available. A similar setup is planned for the CLARIN Identity Provider.

An article by Petra Kralj Novak et al describes an analysis of 70,000 tweets in 13 languages, in which they assigned a sentiment score and neutrality level to 751 emoji, the popular characters which feature in much on-line communication.


Congratulations to LINDAT/CLARIN (Czech Republic) who has been successfully re-assessed as CLARIN B-Centre!


Congratulations to the CLARIN.SI Language Technology Centre and the CLARINO Bergen Center who have now been officially recognized as 


At the end of December 2015 CLARIN-LT has celebrated their first anniversary of Lithuania joining CLARIN