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Research Data Journal: Call for Data Papers

The Research Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences (RDJ) is a peer-reviewed digital-only open access journal, which is designed to comprehensively document and publish deposited datasets and to facilitate their online exploration.

The RDJ consists of data papers: scholarly publications containing a non-technical description of a data set and putting the data in a research context. A data paper gets a persistent identifier and provides publication credits to the author, who is usually (but not necessarily) also the data depositor.

RDJ is published by Brill in collaboration with DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), the Netherlands institute for permanent access to digital research resources. The journal’s Social Sciences Section is coordinated by the UK Data Service.

RDJ is soliciting new submissions, in particular related to the following domains:

  • Archaeology and geo-archaeological research
  • Social and economic history
  • Oral history
  • Language and literature
  • Audio-visual media

The publication language is English. RDJ data papers have a maximum length of 2500 words. Datasets that underpin the submitted data papers, should be formally published in a trusted digital archive or in one of the repositories preferred by the journal. It is also appreciated if the data are readily accessible to the reader (possibly in the form of a sample) so that (s)he can directly get an impression of their nature and quality. Illustrations and other multimedia content are particularly welcome.

Contributions are to be submitted online through Brill’s Editorial Manager. Detailed guidelines can be found in the Instruction for Authors. RDJ has no issue deadlines; papers are published as soon as the review process is completed and the contribution is formally accepted by the editor.

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