Renewal B-certifications INT and CMU-Talkbank successfully concluded

Submitted by Linda Stokman on

The renewal of the B-certification for the Institute for the Dutch Language (INT) and the CMU-Talkbank has been successfully concluded: both established B-Centres have been assessed again according to the current criteria. 


The INT is one of the four CLARIN B-Centres in the Netherlands; it fulfills the role exclusively for Flanders. As a CLARIN B-Centre the INT helps to provide data and tools for linguistic research to teachers, students and researchers.


As a CLARIN B-Centre, CMU-TalkBank offers support for all types of analysis of spoken language corpora. TalkBank data and tools have been used in 8000 published articles and the TalkBank websites have received 6 million hits.  CMU-TalkBank is happy to offer the CLARIN community access to all of these resources, as well as additional resources from the Language Technologies Institute.

To find out more about CMU-TalkBank, you can watch Brian MacWhinney's presentation on our YouTube channel.

Read more about the Centre assesment comittee and the assessment procedure