Re-assessments of two CLARIN B-centres concluded successfully

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 28 June 2017

The CLARIN Centre at University of Copenhagen and Meertens/HuC CLARIN Centre are both successfully re-assessed as certified CLARIN B-centres. The centres have been assessed again according to the current criteria, in a process identical to the first assessment of a new B-centre and have received a renewed B-certification.

The CLARIN Centre at University of Copenhagen  

At the CLARIN Centre at University of Copenhagen researchers have access to language resources and tools that are deposited by researchers from several universities and institutes. The platform is still developing and contains mostly text and lexicon resources – but also a few audios, videos, and annotations of these. The platform is maintained by CLARIN-DK, the Danish contribution to a European research infrastructure for the humanities.

Meertens/HuC CLARIN Centre

The Meertens Instituut is an active participant in first the Dutch CLARIN and now CLARIAH organisation. Currently Meertens is leading the CLARIAH NL WP3 work package. Meertens is in a clustering process with its KNAW sister institutes HuygensING and IISG: the KNAW Humanities Cluster (HuC). This will lead to further collaboration between the collection and archiving management of the three institutes. As a first step the Meertens CLARIN Centre has renamed to Meertens/HuC CLARIN Centre

CLARIN ERIC congratulates the centres and thanks all persons involved in particular those responsible at the B-centre and the members of the assessment committees.