Qu'est-ce que CLARIN?

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 28 September 2017

With France having joined CLARIN in 2017 as an observer, it is important to present to the French community what participation in CLARIN can bring. Why and how is it possible to invest individually or collectively in CLARIN?

In order to present CLARIN, the CORLI consortium (Huma-Num) organized a scientific day aimed at bringing together members of the scientific community concerned with the problems related to corpus and language data and inform that CLARIN is a European structure that aims to unify the European efforts made around language data, for all languages, for all disciplines.  

To meet the objectives of this day, a presentation was held by the following French organizations that currently maintain or plan to maintain strong ties with CLARIN:

Four European researchers from CLARIN ERIC member countries presented their experiences and illustrates the types of collaboration possible within the CLARIN infrastructure:

  • Bente Maegaard: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Thomas Schmidt: Mannheim, Germany
  • Anje Muller Gjesdal: Bergen, Norway
  • Francesca Frontini: Pisa, Italy (now working in Montpellier)

To conclude the day a round table with all guest-participants and members of the public was held and focussed on how to get involved in CLARIN and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the infrastructure, for example, the discovery of available linguistic resources.

Around 60 researchers from all over France participated in the scientific day.

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Photo: Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix (photo de la page d’accueil)