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New video tutorials: Explore the Digital Humanities Course Registry

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The Digital Humanities Course Registry is an open online inventory of DH modules, courses and programmes in Europe which aims to help students, researchers, lecturers and institutions (from DARIAH, CLARIN and beyond) to find, promote and connect to teaching and training activities related to Digital Humanities on the basis of disciplines, topographical information (location), ECTS credits or the academic degrees that are awarded. 

Developed as a key DARIAH-EU service in the Working Group “Training and Education” of VCC 2 (Research and Education), which has been relaunched as a joint effort of the European research infrastructures CLARIN ERIC and DARIAH-EU, is a fine showcase of European collaboration. It has been conceptualized, realized and sustained by colleagues from The Netherlands, Germany, France and Austria, with additional data and feedback provided by colleagues from Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Serbia and many more.

The team behind the Course Registry, currently chaired by Hendrik Schmeer (CLARIN ERIC) and Tanja Wissik (ACDH), took the initiative to produce three short videos introducing the registry, guiding users on how to find a DH course and guiding institutions or lecturers on how to add a new course in the registry. 

Watch the videos here: Digital Humanities Course Registry playlist

Visit the Digital Humanities Course Registry

Download the flyer (PDF).

If you have any questions, please use the contact form 


Post based on Explore the Digital Humanities Course Registry! by Eliza Papaki (DARIAH-EU).