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Menzo Windhouwer and Jakob Lenardič winners of the 2019 Steven Krauwer Awards

The 2019 Steven Krauwer Award for CLARIN Achievements is awarded to Menzo Windhouwer (Meertens Institute, KNAW Humanities Cluster, Digital Infrastructure) and the 2019 Steven Krauwer Young Scientist Award is awarded to Jakob Lenardič  (Dept. of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana). Both Menzo and Jakob received the award for their outstanding contributions toward CLARIN goals.

CLARIN has benefitted exceptionally from Menzo’s contributions. He has made outstanding contributions toward CLARIN goals in the areas of language resource building, tool or service development, exemplary use cases, user involvement and knowledge sharing. Read more

Jakob has been extremely active in several fundamental CLARIN outreach activities. His contributions have helped increase the visibility of the national consortia and the available language resources in the CLARIN Infrastructure through his work on the CLARIN Resource Families campaign. Read more