Meet the New CLARIN Ambassadors

Submitted by on 18 February 2022

The CLARIN Ambassadors Programme aims to raise awareness about and encourage participation in CLARIN in disciplines and communities that are not yet fully integrated in CLARIN. 

In consultation with the national coordinators and representatives of the User Involvement Committee, three new experts have been selected for the role of CLARIN Ambassadors for the period from 01/09/2021 to 31/08/2023: Eva Soroli, Paul Rayson and Satu Saalasti. The new ambassadors cover diverse areas such as corpus linguistics and neurolinguistics, semantic multilingual natural language processing, as well as multimodal communication in clinical populations.

The ambassadors will organise events, participate in conferences, initiate projects and disseminate CLARIN resources and services in their respective communities.

They will work in strict collaboration with the CLARIN , and in alignment with their respective national referents (the French CORLI K-centre, CLARIN-UK, and FIN-CLARIN) as well as other relevant initiatives, such as DELAD.

Read more about the CLARIN Ambassadors Programme on this page.