The Language Bank of Finland certified as B-Centre

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 29 September 2016


Congratulations to The Language Bank of Finland, which is now officially recognized as CLARIN B Centre. THe Language Bank is a service of the University of Helsinki (UHEL) and the Finnish IT Centre for Science (CSC), for FIN-CLARIN, the Finnish CLARIN Consortium.



As all other 19 CLARIN B-centres before it, The Language Bank of Finland has gone through a thorough procedure with an external assessment by the Data Seal of Approval and an internal assessment by CLARIN's assessment committee.

Finland is a very active partner within CLARIN. The Finnish CLARIN B Centre contributes by providing data and software via web services for online use and download as well as virtual high-performance work space for researchers processing large data sets.

CLARIN congratulates the new centre and thanks all persons involved in particular those responsible at the new centre and the members of the assessment committees.