Invitation: "Introducing PARTHENOS" in Florence (Prato)

Submitted by Sebastian Drude on 28 October 2016

Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities

The PARTHENOS Research Infrastructure ( ) Project invites you to attend their workshop “Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities” which is being held at the Sala Consiliare, Comune di Prato, Italy just outside of Florence in the afternoon on Wednesday 14th December. This workshop is aimed at researchers, RI managers and policy makers who wish to learn about PARTHENOS, the key areas being addressed and the approach that is being used to integrate resources from many of the domains that make up the Digital Humanities. The RIs and ERICS who are currently represented in PARTHENOS are DARIAH, CLARIN, EHRI, CENDARI and IPERION-CH and DCH-RP and we would like to involve as many other RIs, ERICs and research organisations involved in the humanities as possible. This workshop is intended as an introduction to our activities.

For further information and to register for the workshop, please go to Eventbrite at:

CLARIN / PARTHENOS has (some limited) resources available for supporting interested CLARIN members to attend this event; if you need support, please contact .