Infrastructures for Interdisciplinary Engagement: Lessons from the Digital Humanities

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The recordings of the SHAPE-ID webinar on Infrastructures for Interdisciplinary Engagement: Lessons from the Digital Humanities (DH) are now available.

The aim of this webinar was to learn from digital research infrastructures about how they foster inter- and transdisciplinary research between humanities scholars on the one hand and computer scientists and developers on the other.

How can lessons learned from the DH be applied to other instances of inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation? The webinar highlighted which measures worked best in encouraging such cooperation on the basis of successful case studies and explored user involvement strategies aimed at disseminating already existing tools, services and methodologies among DH-curious but still largely “non-digital” scholars.

Read more about the workshop and the panelists' background at this link.


  • Dr Darja Fišer (University of Ljubljana) 
  • Eliza Papaki (DARIAH-EU & Trinity College Dublin)
  • Arnaud Gingold (OPERAS)
  • Chair: Dr Maciej Maryl, Director of the Digital Humanities Centre at the Institute of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Science, and a partner on the SHAPE-ID project