IMPACT CLARIN K-Centre in digitisation (IMPACT-CKC)

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 25 February 2019

K(nowledge)-centres are important components of the CLARIN Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure, as these are the places where people from within and outside the CLARIN community can get access to specialized knowledge and expertise in many fields.  At this moment CLARIN has 16 K-centres, covering a variety of languages (and language families), modalities, data types, technologies and more (see the complete list on

CLARIN and the IMPACT Centre of Competence are proud to announce the recent establishment of IMPACT as CLARIN K-Centre, IMPACT-CKC.

IMPACT, founded in 2012 as competence centre in digitisation, has the mission of making digitisation in historical printed text  better, faster and cheaper. Since 2012, IMPACT is providing the following services and resources:


A sample case on the services offered by IMPACT-CKC helpdesk can be found at