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ILC4CLARIN recognized as CLARIN B-centre

The ILC4CLARIN Centre at the Institute for Computational Linguistics has been officially recognized as a CLARIN B-centre.ILC4CLARIN logo

The centre has gone through a thorough procedure in which they have been assessed by the CoreTrusSeal and internally by CLARIN's assessment committee. CLARIN ERIC congratulates ILC4CLARIN with this achievement!


The ILC4CLARIN data centre is a node in the CLARIN-IT infrastructure, the Italian component of the European CLARIN federation.

It seeks to build an infrastructure for language resources and technology in support of scholars in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The main objective of ILC4CLARIN is to ensure that researchers in Italy have access to European CLARIN-compatible language resources and that Italian resources are accessible to researchers in other countries.

ILC4CLARIN will assist scholars in:

  • documenting resources using correct metadata descriptions;
  • sharing resources with clear access policies.

ILC4CLARIN is developing strategies for the documentation of language resources produced in Italy, with a special focus on the languages spoken in Italy and classical languages such as Ancient Greek and Latin.