Hungary joins CLARIN ERIC

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 30 August 2016

We are very pleased to announce that on 1 August 2016 Hungary officially became a member of CLARIN ERIC, bringing the total number of full members up to nineteen.

Hungary played a leading role in founding CLARIN as an ESFRI initiative and played an active part in the preparatory phase. The HUNCLARIN Consortium consists of seven R&D Centres who have been engaged in collaboration in several national and EU funded projects for the past decade. In 2010 HUNCLARIN was awarded the status of strategic research infrastructure in the Hungarian RDI Infrastructure Strategy NEKIFUT ( They are currently engaged in building an open NLP toolkit ( designed for non-specialist users (like the Humanities and Social Science researchers CLARIN is targeting) as well as language technology experts and application developers.

The HUNCLARIN community is delighted to join CLARIN again. It is looking forward to collaborating with CLARIN ERIC partners to develop its tools and resources into a coherent CLARIN compliant infrastructure. It expects to benefit from the best practices CLARIN ERIC members have developed.On the other hand, it offers the rich set of Hungarian language resources and tools to the CLARIN ERIC Community. Beyond the mutual adoption of tools and resources, standards and best practices, HUNCLARIN partners are committed to contributing to joint collaborative efforts in building the CLARIN ERIC infrastructure.

The HUNCLARIN community is currently engaged in building a coherent NLP infrastructure that will address the specific needs of the researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences areas.

High priority will be given to:

  • making these resources and tools interoperative within CLARIN ERIC.
  • establishing  a HUNCLARIN Centre in the medium term future
  • participating in CLARIN ERIC projects
  • reaching out to researchers in the digital humanities and social sciences
  • making HUNCLARIN and CLARIN ERIC more visible.

Currently, the website is established for the technical purposes of the RDI infrastructure Strategy NEKIFUT, listing the collection of resources and giving a short description of each resource and tool. At the moment the website is available in Hungarian only (the description of some resources are in English).