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Four CLARIN centres successfully concluded certification

Submitted by Linda Stokman on

PORTULAN CLARIN has been recognized as a new B-Centre by the CLARIN assessment committee. After reassessment the CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre, Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale and CLARINO Bergen Center were re-certified as B-Centres.

  • PORTULAN-CLARIN specializes in politically relevant texts in the public domain, particularly corpora of plenary protocols. Visit the website
  • CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre provides infrastructural services and access to CLARIN-PL language resources. Visit the website
  • The Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale (BAS) is a public institution hosted by the University of Munich founded with the aim of making speech resources of contemporary spoken German as well as tools for the processing of digitized speech available to research and speech technology communities.  Speech data processing, web services and tools for spoken language, corpus production and validation, curation of external speech corpora, consulting and teaching. Visit the website
  • CLARINO Bergen Centre offers a repository, a corpus management and query system, a treebanking infrastructure and a editor. Visit the website 

CLARIN B-Centres

CLARIN B-Centres are technical centres, they are the backbone of CLARIN. These units, often a university or an academic institute, offer the scientific community access to resources, services and knowledge on a sustainable basis. Therefore, there are strict criteria to become a CLARIN B-Centre: it should be based on a stable technical and institutional foundation. Read more about the CLARIN Centres