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Four centres officially recognized as CLARIN Knowledge Centres

CLARIN ERIC is pleased to announce that the following four centres have been officially recognized as CLARIN Knowledge centres (K-centres):

  • IMPACT centre of competence - CLARIN K-centre in digitisation (IMPACT-CKC)
    IMPACT-CKC offers its expertise and resources in digitisation and related fields to all institutions and particulars looking for advice. Read more about IMPACT-CKC


  • ​CLARIN K-Centre for Terminology Resources and Translation Corpora (TRTC)
    CLARIN-TRTC aims at providing a helpdesk, information and events addressing terminology resources (termbases, glossaries, ontologies, etc.) and translation corpora (text, multimodal). Read more about CLARIN-TRTC


  • CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Swedish in a Multilingual Setting (SMS)
    CLARIN-SMS offers expertise in linguistic processing of text, especially for Swedish and/or when multiple languages are involved. In addition, CLARIN-SMS offers expertise in the application of language technology to Swedish Sign Language. Read more about CLARIN-SMS


  • CLARIN-DiaRes – CLARIN K-centre for Diachronic Language resources
    CLARIN-DiaRes is focused around diachronic text collections, and as a special case of these, historical texts, as well as tools and resources for processing and analyzing these. Read more about CLARIN-DiaRes

CLARIN ERIC congratulates all the centres and thanks all persons involved in particular those responsible at the new centres!