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November and December were busy months for CLARIN.SI, especially in the area of user engagement. In cooperation with the Slovenian research project JANES (Resources, Tools and Methods for the Research of Nonstandard Internet Slovenian), the Slovenian Language Technologies Society, and the Swiss project ReLDI (Regional Linguistic Data Initiative) we organised the Conference Slovenian on the Web and in New Media on 25–27 November 2015 in Ljubljana.
As of today, the 71 Italian Identity Providers have been added to the Service Provider Federation. This means that all users with an account at one of these academic organisations can use federated login to access the password-protected CLARIN services, e.g. the recently added Corpuscle corpus analysis system.
On 19 and 20 November the CLARIN ERIC General Assembly had its annual meeting in Copenhagen. The meeting counted 31 participants from 17 countries (including the CLARIN ERIC Board of Directors), several more than last year.

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We are happy to announce that Finland has joined CLARIN ERIC on 1 November 2015, becoming its 17th full member.

As announced at the latest centre committee meeting, the deadline to participate in the 6th assessment round is 19 November. Please note that the B-centre checklist has been slightly revised (some URLs were updated). If you have not started yet, please use the latest version of the checklist.

On September 24, 2015, the Czech National Consortium LINDAT/CLARIN organized a one-day Digital Humanities Workshop in Prague.

Maarten van Gompel

The 2015 CLARIN Young Scientist Award has been awarded to Maarten van Gompel of the Radboud University Nijmegen for his groundbreaking work on FoLiA and CLAM. The award ceremony took place at the annual CLARIN Conference, held this year in Wrocław, Poland.

We are happy to announce that Italy has joined CLARIN ERIC on 1 October 2015, becoming its 16th full member.
Photo: Eric Brinkhorst
As of 1 September 2015, Prof. dr. Franciska de Jong has taken up her post of Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC.