First 9 CLARIN B centres receive certificate

Submitted by Dieter Van Uytvanck on 25 June 2013

CLARIN ERIC congratulates the 9 CLARIN-D centres that successfully passed the centre assessment. After going through a thorough procedure, in which both technical and organisational aspects were checked, the Assessment Committee gave a positive judgement for all the centres involved.

As part of the requirements these centres also achieved the Data Seal of Approval for their repositories. The preparation of the documentation of the repositories, together with completing the technical setup, was a serious effort – starting about 2 years ago – but now has finally been rewarded with the official B centre label.

Other centres that wish to apply for official CLARIN recognition have been requested to send in the necessary documents before the end of September 2013. Results of the second assessment round are then expected by the end of the year.