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For 2020, a budget of €65.000 has been made available for participants in the CLARIN consortia to organize workshops by representatives of the national consortia. 


In 2020 a budget of € 30.000 is available for (co-)financing of CLARIN User Involvement (UI) events to be organized by representatives of the national consortia.


We are very happy to announce that the second volume of the Tour de CLARIN publication is now online.



The Call for Papers for the 2nd ParlaCLARIN workshop to be held at LREC2020  in Marseille is open.


The new centre is designed to support researchers doing research on language and communication disorders, second and bilingual language learning and sign languages.


In this Tour de CLARIN blog post, we present an in-depth interview with Aneta Nedyalkova, who is an MA student of Bulgarian philology. Under the auspices of CLaDA-BG, she is working on an associative dictionary of verbal expressions.


Lauch of the new interface and API of the DH Course Registry (DHCR). The platform is a joint effort of two European research infrastructures consortia: CLARIN and DARIAH.


Call for workshop papers for the Workshop Twin Talks 2: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration in DH is open.


Mikel Iruskieta is a computational linguist who is part of the Ixa Research Group and the Didactics of Language and Literature Department at the University of the Basque country. He has collaborated with the CLARIN IMPACT K-Centre, which has helped him and his colleagues digitize Basque texts.