Congratulations to two new B centres

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 28 January 2016

Congratulations to the CLARIN.SI Language Technology Centre and the CLARINO Bergen Center who have now been officially recognized as CLARIN B Centres!

After a thorough procedure in which they have been assessed externally by the Data Seal of Approval and internally by CLARIN's assessment committee it is clear that both the Slovene and the Norwegian research community can now rely on a stable and professional language resource centre in their country.

The CLARIN.SI platform currently offers the repository for language resources and gathers freely available concordancers and other tools and services for working with the Slovene language.The CLARINO Bergen Center provides a language resources repository as well as online services for treebanking (INESS), corpus exploration (Corpuscle) and metadata management (COMEDI).

CLARIN ERIC would like to congratulate both centres with this achievement. In total this brings the number of certified B centres to 19.