Congratulations to our first CLARIN Knowledge Centre!

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 22 April 2015

We are happy to announce that the following institutions have been jointly officially recognized as the Spanish CLARIN K Centre:

Together these institutions cover much of the possible competence on text and language processing technology competence on the major Spanish languages: Spanish (Castellano), Catalan and Basque.

These partners have in common that they aim to foster the use of technology in the research in Humanities and Social Sciences. All have already devised an organization and afforded the means to offer support and assistance services to scholars, but each focusing in different areas, what makes their profiles complementary in the type of technology they focus on, and in the support for different languages they can offer support services:

IXA and IULA-UPF-CCC are specialized in Text Analytics and Language Technologies and Resources, UPF-DH and LINHD are concerned with benefits of Text enrichment, Semantic Web, databases and visualization technologies.

All groups are offering services to researchers working with Spanish texts and, additionally, IXA can afford experience in handling Basque texts and IULA-UPF-CCC Catalan texts.

Services provided by the Spanish K-Center:

  • Virtual consultancy: by offering e-mail contact and a 24-h reply compromise about directions and references on current practices, standards, tools and resources.
  • Support for self-learning with specialized resources: linked catalogues collecting existing knowledge, videotutorials, MOOCs, etc., with information about tools to support the actual usage of technologies.
  • Organization of teaching and training programs for researchers, students, projects or interest groups.


A dedicated website for the K-Centre will be set up soon; for the time being one can use the website of the coordinating institution, CLARIN Competence Centre IULA-UPF.

CLARIN congratulates the Spanish K Centre with their recognition.


One of the building bricks of the CLARIN Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure are knowledge centres. Their role is to provide a place (physical or virtual) where people can get access to knowledge and expertise in specific areas.