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CLARIN Resource Families: Parliamentary Corpora

Submitted by Linda Stokman on

The CLARIN Resource Families initiative provides a user-friendly overview of the available language resources in the CLARIN infrastructure for researchers from digital humanities, social sciences and human language technologies. 

This month CLARIN highlights the parliamentary corpora, a set of language resources that has a lot of added value for multidisciplinary research and many research perspectives, including not only political science, but also sociology, history, psychology, and applicative approaches to linguistics, for instance, critical discourse analysis.

The CLARIN infrastructure offers access to 26 parliamentary corpora, covering almost all of the languages spoken in countries that are either members or observers in CLARIN

In the further development of this resource family, special attention is currently given to the extension with debates regarding the Covid-19 outbreak. For details see the webpage on the ParlaMint project, aimed at developing comparable corpora for parliamentary data.