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CLARIN-related references via Zotero

Submitted by Sebastian Drude on

CLARIN is keeping track of CLARIN-related references of publications. We aim at having comprehensive lists of:

  1. Work by CLARIN members on CLARIN resources or the CLARIN Infrastructure
  2. Work by others that describes or prominently mentions the CLARIN Infrastructure or CLARIN resources
  3. Work on research based on CLARIN resources, even without mentioning CLARIN

The CLARIN references are available in Zotero via this link:

This ‘library’ (compilation of references organized into collections) belongs to a GROUP called “CLARIN”.  This group is free and open (anybody can join), and any member can edit and add items (references) in/to the library.

You can find sub-collections for the major conferences that CLARIN organized or where CLARIN member prominently participated. For instance, you can find there the recently published papers of the 2015 CLARIN Annual Conference.

Everyone is invited to make active use of this reference-database, adding new entries and correcting information in existing entries.

Generally, any work based on CLARIN should cite CLARIN via citing the individual tool and resource, for instance via its persistent identifier (as visible in the ), referring to a CLARIN national website, and/or via citing CLARIN in general with this reference (link).