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CLARIN Mobility Grants


CLARIN mobility grants help researchers and developers to fund short visits (typical duration: one week) between representatives of CLARIN sites to collaborate on building and using the CLARIN infrastructure.

The mobility grants are designed to promote:

  • sharing of expertise between CLARIN centres and countries;
  • integration of resources, tools, services and centres in European countries not currently in the CLARIN ERIC;
  • collaboration between CLARIN developers and researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

The eligibility criteria have been kept simple. Applicants of a mobility grant just have to fulfill both of these criteria:

  • they are based in a CLARIN ERIC country (see overview of participating consortia), or they are affiliated to a CLARIN site, and
  • the collaboration is clearly focussed on the use or development of the CLARIN infrastructure

Although funding can only go to researchers based in a CLARIN ERIC country, the hosting centre does not necessarily have to be in a CLARIN ERIC country. Either the home institution of the applicant or the centre hosting the visit must have a strong ongoing connection with CLARIN.

Call for CLARIN mobility grant applications

The call for mobility grant applications is a continuous call. The full call text can be found here: CE-2013-0151.

Apply for a CLARIN mobility grant

You can apply for a CLARIN Mobilty Grant by following the instruction on this application form

When the form is filled out you can e-mail your application (or any questions) to, subject: Mobility Grant Application.

Guest blog posts 

Here you can read the blog posts written by researchers and developers who received the CLARIN Mobility Grant.

 Blog post by Jan Niestadt: mini-workshop on Korp, Strix and BlackLab in Gothenburg              
 Written by Jan Niestadt who received the CLARIN Mobility Grant in November 2017.

Blog post by Yin Yin Lu: NLP Meets K-Pop at the Meertens Instituut
Written by Yin Yin Lu who received a CLARIN Mobility Grant in October 2017. 

Blog post Jozef Misutka: Adding KonText to CLARIN.SI 
Written by Jozef Misutka from Czech LINDAT/CLARIN who received a CLARIN Mobility Grant in October 2017.