CLARIN Internships – Meet the Interns

Submitted by Julia Misersky on 22 January 2023

CLARIN has launched a remote internship programme for students interested in learning how to use the research infrastructure to access and engage with digital language data with the help of advanced technologies. The internship aims to help the students enhance their language data handling and processing skills, and show them how to manage language resources according to the FAIR Data Principles. 

Our first two interns are Elton Pistolia and Lesley Messori, who are second-year Translation Technology MA students at the University of Bologna.


 Elton Pistolia

 Elton has a BA in Foreign Languages for Tourism and International Mediation and is now in his second year of an MA in Translation Technology at the University of Bologna. He has a strong background in linguistics and translation and is keen to develop his programming and machine-learning skills. He speaks Italian, English, Greek, Albanian, German, Russian and Portuguese.  Elton was selected as the best participant for the language combination EN-EL in the eMT Challenge 2022. After his MA, Elton plans to do a PhD in machine translation.

Lesley Messori

Lesley has a BA in Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation and is now in her second year of the MA in Translation Technology programme at the University of Bologna. During her MA, she acquired knowledge of corpus linguistics, terminology management, translation technology tools and learnt how to adapt machine translation systems. Lesley speaks five languages, Italian (mother tongue), English, Russian, Danish and Slovak and has experience in audiovisual translation, translation and post-editing. In the future, she sees herself working as a freelance translator because she simply loves anything related to languages.