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    On 21 November 2017 CLARIN -ERIC signed the EUDAT CDI Agreement and officially joined the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) as a thematic provider.

“CLARIN ERIC provides and coordinates data management services for scholars in the social sciences and humanities, and beyond”, comments Franciska de Jong, Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC. “CLARIN has been a key contributor to EUDAT since its very beginning. We see our role in the EUDAT CDI as a natural continuation of our past involvement and want to help the CDI evolve as a successful collaborative platform that is interesting to both service providers and community organisations”.

“We are very pleased to welcome CLARIN ERIC as a new member of the EUDAT CDI, says Damien Lecarpentier, who manages the EUDAT CDI collaboration. EUDAT wants to see the Research Infrastructures play a key role in the CDI and will work with CLARIN ERIC to better organise their participation in the CDI. We are also welcoming further Research Infrastructures to join the CDI! “