CLARIN-based research featured in special journal issue

Submitted by Sebastian Drude on 9 June 2016

The most recent issue of the journal Lingua features research done based on the CLARIN infrastructure.

Seven articles present original research conducted by using one or more of the services that CLARIN offers.

The articles are:

  1. Jan Odijk: Linguistic research using CLARIN
  2. Sjef Barbiers, Marjo van Koppen, Hans Bennis, Norbert Corver: MIcrocomparative MOrphosyntactic REsearch (MIMORE): Mapping partial grammars of Flemish, Brabantish and Dutch
  3. Leonie Cornips, Jos Swanenberg, Wilbert Heeringa, Folkert de Vriend: The relationship between first language acquisition and dialect variation: Linking resources from distinct disciplines in a CLARIN-NL project
  4. Erhard Hinrichs: Substitute infinitives and Oberfeld placement of auxiliaries in German subordinate clauses: A synchronic and diachronic corpus study using the CLARIN research infrastructure
  5. Therese Leinonen, Çağrı Çöltekin, John Nerbonne: Using Gabmap
  6. Robbert van Sluijs, Margot van den Berg, Pieter Muysken: Exploring genealogical blends: The Surinamese Creole cluster and the Virgin Island Dutch Creole cluster
  7. Frank Van Eynde, Liesbeth Augustinus, Vincent Vandeghinste: Number agreement in copular constructions: A treebank-based investigation


The articles can be downloaded at: Special issue of Lingua on CLARIN.