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Call for CLARIN workshop proposals (2 types) - 2020

In 2020 a budget of €65000 is available for participants in the CLARIN consortia to organize workshops by representatives of the national consortia. This call is based on a continuous submission scheme. (In the course of 2020 it will be decided whether a similar call will be opened for workshops to be organised in 2021. Potential proposers are requested to get in touch with to check if and from when proposals for workshops in 2021 can be submitted.)

Funding for two types of workshops can be requested:

  • Workshop type I: addressing a topic that is in line with one or more of the strategic priorities of CLARIN 
  • Workshop type II: meant to prepare a work plan for a development project of up to three person months, again contributing to one or more of the strategic priorities of CLARIN.

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