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Call for CLARIN User Involvement event proposals - 2020

In 2020 a budget of € 30.000 is available for (co-)financing of CLARIN User Involvement (UI) events to be organized by representatives of the national consortia.

Funding can be requested for the following types of events:

  • CLARIN Master Classes: a session at a major event in the fields of Digital Humanities and/or Social Sciences where CLARIN experts answer researchers’ questions and recommend CLARIN approaches/tools/resources. (For this event type up to € 1.500 per proposal can be requested.)
  • CLARIN Courses at Summer Schools: a course/tutorial/workshop on a CLARIN-related topic at a prominent DH and/or SS summer school. (For this event type up to € 3.000 per proposal can be requested.)
  • CLARIN Training Events: a workshop/seminar for researchers on new/key language tools and resources (e.g. at universities, institutes, libraries, archives and museums), a seminar for teachers addressing topics not sufficiently covered in the curricula, a seminar addressing an under-serviced community (e.g. diaspora, minorities, special needs), a refreshment course for language professionals (e.g. translators, journalists). (For this event type up to € 5.000 per proposal can be requested.)

Variations on these types of events will also be considered.

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