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Darja Fišer has recently taken up the post of Vice Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC.


The British Association for Applied Linguistics organized a workshop on Data-Driven Learning on 8 June 2018 at Coventry University. At the workshop, Martin Wynne gave an introduction to CLARIN, and distributed fliers. There were 44 people in attendance.


This year the European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture and Technology” (ESU) celebrated its 10th anniversary. 


Nadezda Okinina, the developer of the Trans&Anno, led a CLARIN workshop about the tool during the 5th Learner Corpus Research conference in Warsaw. 


Experts on NLP tools for working with historical documents met in Berlin in September for a CLARIN workshop to exchange ideas, experiences about tools and methods.


The IMPACT Centre of Competence in digitisation, founded in 2012, is a non-profit organisation that aims at making digitisation of historical texts better, faster and cheaper.


The BTB-Pipe language pipeline for Bulgarian has been developed incrementally over the last twenty years, starting with the Bulgarian-German BulTreeBank project for the creation of a Bulgarian treebank. 


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